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Social Action

Performing Acts of Loving Kindness, Together!


Our vision for Social Action is to live Jewish Values as we help those in need.  Our efforts are aligned with the critical needs in the Jewish and broader Charlotte Community as well as needs of Jews in crisis around the world. We offer volunteer opportunities for youth, adults, and even projects the whole family can enjoy together. Come join us and get involved!  We encourage you to contact us and tell us where you would like to help. What is important to you? Is there a project in which you, your family and friends would like to participate? Please share your ideas with us.

In 2018-2019 we continue to help those in need. There are many opportunities for your participation.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to get involved! Here are some ways you can participate:

  • Take action! – Get involved in a Social Action Program. We welcome participation by you and your entire family.
  • Provide suggestions on how to improve and expand TI’s Social Action initiatives. We welcome and value your ideas.
  • Make a donation to Temple Israel’s “Social Action Fund” in honor or in memory of those whom you love.

“G-d is the model for what we are to do on earth. In the end, it’s about each of us and what we do with our G-d given powers and gifts to make a difference in the world. The spark of divinity is within each and every human being. It is G-d who provides the spark, who ignites the spark, but it is up to us to keep the flames going.”

Social Action Volunteer Opportunities


There are so many ways to get involved, and to make a difference!  When you volunteer, you make new friends and connections, enrich your own life by performing Mitzvot, and make a meaningful contribution to your community.



Huntingtowne Farms Elementary (HFES) – TI Partnership School

Temple Israel is into our 13th year of our partnership with Huntingtowne Farms Elementary School.  The impact is great!  Many Temple Israel members go to the classrooms on a weekly basis to work with the students to assist with reading and math, supporting the learning centers and even produce the “HFES Fox News”.  The children look forward to their TI volunteers coming each week and the volunteers look forward to the children’s hugs and their heartfelt hellos.

This year the statistics show that at this Title I school, 86% of Huntingtowne Farms children receive free or reduced lunch.  In addition to tutoring, proctoring, teacher appreciation and after school child care, generous Temple Israel congregants donate books, clothing, umbrellas, pumpkins, holiday gifts, school supplies, and help fund field trips to Raleigh. Washington DC and to the LJCC (Butterfly Project).

Financial contributions to HFES Social Action Programs can be made through the “Temple Israel Huntingtowne Farms Elementary School FOX Fund” by clicking here.

We need more Volunteers and are in need of Tzedakah to fund this program. Please – Take action and join us to help these children in need. For information about volunteer opportunities, please contact Linda Levy -

Shalom Park Freedom School


Shalom Park Freedom School is a six week summer literacy camp held at Shalom Park. 50% of the “scholars” who attend Freedom School come from our own Huntingtowne Farms! You can volunteer for a day, a week or for the entire program. The needs are great and the volunteering schedule is very flexible.  Learn more at the Shalom Park Freedom School website:

Blessings in a Backpack


Feeding the Future of America – One School at a Time

Volunteers from Temple Israel provide food to children in need at Huntingtowne Farms Elementary School (HFES) every weekend throughout the school year.

Blessings in a Backpack is a National Organization whose mission is to provide food for Elementary Education Students who may otherwise have little or no food to eat on weekends during the school year.

Would you like to make a difference to the lives of K-5 Children in need at HFES?

To volunteer please contact Tracy Brown –

Financial contributions to the TI Blessing in a Backpack Program are made by sending a check made out to “Blessings in a Backpack” to Temple Israel. We are also accepting donations of single servings of: juice boxes, fruit cups, raisins, tuna, soup, granola bars, Nutri-Grain bars, cereal boxes, oatmeal and macaroni & cheese.

We are in need of food and Tzedakah to fund this program. Please – Take action and join us to help these children in need of food.

Temple Israel Religious School (TIRS) Social Action


TIRS performs many fabulous grade level mitzvah programs throughout the School year!  Here are the mitzvot that the students performed last year:

Gan Katan & Gan – Toy Drive & Wrapping – Gift drive and card making for families at JFS
Alef & Bet – Toiletries Drive for Men’s Shelter and Room In The Inn
Gimmel & Dalet – Nonperishable Food Drive for JFS
Hey – Compassion for animals.
Vav – Blessing in a Backpack – Collect and pack food for children at Huntingtown Farms.
7th – Carriage House resident support
Additional Projects: Project Sandwich at Sukkot Palooz and Macaroni and Cheese collection during Purim

The students and parents of TIRS for continue to support programs to help those who are in need – teaching our children the importance of mitzvot and giving to others.

To get involved please contact Kathy Warshaw, TIRS Social Action Chairperson, at We are in need of supplies and Tzedakah to fund these programs. Please – Take action and join us in educating our children in the importance of help others.

“Love your neighbor as yourself” –Leviticus

Food Drives: Yom Kippur, Purim and Hanukkah


Mitzvot we are to perform during Yom Kippur: Prayer, Repentance and Charity.

Mitzvot we are to perform during Purim: Megillah, Festive Meal, Shalach Manot, and Charity.

Customs we perform during Hanukkah: Light Menorah, Eat Latkas, Spin Dreidel, and Gifts of Gelt.

You can perform important Mitzvot during these Holidays by donating nonperishable foods, and/or Walmart gift cards, to Temple Israel Social Action during Kol Nidre, Purim and Hanukkah. The donations will be given to the Jewish Family Services Food Pantry and to Children in need at Huntingtowne Farms Elementary School.

JFS is in need of: canned vegetables, fruit, tuna, salmon and soup, along with cereal, condensed milk, peanut butter, jelly, cookies, raisins, popcorn and aluminum foil (25ft).

The Children at HFES are in need of: Single Serving – Juice boxes, fruit cups, raisins, tuna, soup, granola bars, Nutri-Grain bars, cereal boxes, oatmeal, macaroni & cheese and Walmart Gift Cards.

We are in need of food and Tzedakah to fund this program.  Please – Take action and join us to help feed those who are in need.

“If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when?” — Hillel


Dinners and Clothing/Toiletries for The Men’s Shelter of Charlotte

Temple Israel supports The Men’s Shelter of Charlotte’s mission to end homelessness in Charlotte by providing their guests with meals along with warm clothing and toiletries. Because of support by TI and other generous organizations, nearly 400 men have moved to more appropriate housing since July 2014.  By providing hope and encouragement to the men, together, we can end homelessness!

Other Opportunities to perform Mitzvot at The Shelters:

TI has the opportunity to engage with the North Tryon Street facility to serve a meal on a regular basis (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly).
The Men’s Shelter of North Tryon Street has two additional Programs which TI volunteers can support: Working with Men’s Shelter Guests to (a) help them find permanent housing and (b) assist them in finding work through assistance completing job applications and coaching on interviews skills.
Questions? Contact David Thrope at to get involved.

Room In The Inn


Temple Israel, Temple Beth El & the Levine JCC partner with the Urban Ministry Center to provide shelter and food for homeless people during the winter months. We pick up our guests in uptown Charlotte, provide a warm, safe place to sleep, serve three meals (dinner, breakfast and bag lunch), give a gift of warm clothing and toiletries, and then return our guests the following morning to uptown Charlotte.

The program is a unique way for congregants of Temple Israel to become directly involved with people who are homeless. The simple goal is to keep homeless people from freezing on cold winter nights. A greater goal is to provide a more personal relationship with homeless people, at least for 3 nights, and a deeper understanding of the depth and complexity of homelessness.

Upcoming 2018-2019 dates and volunteer opportunities coming soon....

Temple Israel individuals, families and teens can get involved in set up, welcome, preparing and cooking meals, donating clothing/toiletries, and by giving Tzedakah to fund this program.

We are in need of volunteers, warm clothing/toiletries and Tzedakah to fund these programs. Please – Take action and join us in providing those who are in need a safe and happy evening.

“Our longing for material blessing is an expression of our deep-seated desire to be granted the resources to allow us to implement the divine plan to make this world a home of G-D.”

More Community Service Opportunities


Yom Gemilut Hasadim (A Day Performing Acts of Loving Kindness)

Join the entire Temple Israel community to help others on Sunday January 15, 2017 (MLK weekend).  This will be a wonderful opportunity for individuals and families to get involved and make a difference in our community.  By participating in Mitzvah projects you will be sharing in Tikkun Olam (repairing the world).

Bring your entire family and participate in projects that address needs in the Jewish and broader Charlotte community including:

Jewish Family Services, Israel, Bright Blessings, Blessings In A Back Pack, The Men’s Shelter of Charlotte, Clyde and Ethel Dickson Domestic Violence Shelter, Room in the Inn, Operation Sandwich, Ronald McDonald House, Sunrise and Carriage Club, Shalom Bayit NC, Huntingtowne Farms Elementary School, Freedom School, ZABS, and Ongoing Temple Israel Social Action Projects.

Bikkur Cholim – Bringing Hope, Enriching Lives

Bikkur Cholim, or visiting the sick, is considered by our tradition to be one of the greatest mitzvot. According to the Talmud, it is one of the actions which “yield fruit immediately, and continue to yield fruit in the world to come.”  To learn more, please click here.

B’Nai Mitzvah Mitzvah Projects

As part of our children’s entrance into Jewish religious responsibility as a B’Nai Mitzvah, each student participates in a mitzvah project. To complete their project, each child has the option of participating in 2 Group Mitzvah projects or an Individual Mitzvah project. The Mitzvah projects are a great way for the children to interact, socialize, and bond as they do mitzvot and serve their community.

Temple Israel Sisterhood and Men’s Club

Sisterhood and Men’s Club contribute to the welfare of our congregation by: stressing ethical and religious practices, furthering Jewish education in the family, and the observances of the Sabbath, holidays, festivals and Minyan. They foster a sense of communal responsibility, promote educational and cultural activities, and engage in Social Action through projects, volunteers and Tzedakah.

Torah on Tap

Temple Israel’s Young Professionals Torah On Tap programs provide young Jewish professionals in their 20’s, 30’s and early 40’s a great way to mix, meet, and mingle with other young Jewish professionals. In addition to holding mixers and Shabbat dinners this group performs many social action projects.

To get involved in or provide Tzedakah to support Torah on Tap community social action projects, please contact Ariel DiDonato at

Jewish Family Services

Jewish Family Services strengthens and empowers individuals and families through professional counseling, programs and services inspired by Jewish values. Jewish Family Services provides comprehensive integrated social services that help members of our community in the most effective compassionate way possible, providing people of all ages, religions and socio-economic backgrounds with the encouragement and tools they need to become productive and self-reliant.

Temple Israel’s Community actively supports JFS through donations to the JFS Food Pantry.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to get involved in Temple Israel Social Action!
Take Action, Provide Suggestions, and/or Make a Donation to support TI Social Action Programs.

Temple Israel’s “Social Action Fund” is a great place to give Tzedakah in honor or in memory of those who you love. Thank you!!

When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for,  but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.

I Love Israel



Through this program you are invited to share your commitment to and solidarity with the people of Israel. Whether it’s writing a Lone Soldier, a victim of terror, or an Israeli with special needs, your letters are sure to make a difference.      

To get involved in providing support to our brothers and sisters in Israel, please contact Shellie Barer, at

Stop Domestic Violence: We Are Here To Serve You


Our homes cannot be holy if we hide from dangerous realities we need to face – verbal abuse, physical abuse, substance abuse, failure to care properly for our bodies, for our souls, for our partners or for our children. Abuse can happen in any home – Jewish homes included.
If you are struggling in your home, we at Temple can be your refuge and safe haven. Please make a confidential appointment with a member of your clergy.

For more information on relationships and red flags for teens and adults, see

Mon, January 21 2019 15 Shevat 5779