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Lifelong Learning

Our Temple Israel clergy take great pride in bringing our adults stimulating and relevant Torah study.  You could ask for no better teacher than Senior Rabbi Murray Ezring. His classes are thought provoking and soul stirring, bringing you astute Torah discussion, a time for spiritual reflection, ancient history lessons, current events, wisdom and wit.

Classes are free to all Temple Israel Congregants.The only supplies needed: questions and an open mind.

From September through May, be on the lookout for the following classes as well as additional Lifelong Learning classes on specific topics and often with special guests:



Pirkei Avot, Erthics of the Fathers • Tuesdays, Noon • Join Rabbi Kornsgold for this weekly hour-long class as we explore Pirkei Avot, Ethics of The Fathers. This section of the Mishna (which was authored in the third century C.E.) is one of the most fundamental works of the Jewish Oral Law.


Torah Sparks • Wednesdays, 12:30 p.m. • Led by Rabbi Murray Ezring. Join us on as we study the “Pirkei Avot,” The Ethics of our Ancestors as a guide. We will explore the wellspring of ethics and morality from the beginning of Rabbinic Judaism to today. Our study will include such issues as: “The Value of a Smile,” “How Honest Must We Be?” “What Age is the Best Age To Be?” and “The Best Way To Discover God.”

Exploring and Deepening Jewish Prayer • Thursdays, Noon • In this hour-long class with Cantor Lissek, we’ll unpack and study the structure and meaning of Jewish liturgy. We’ll explore both communal, liturgical engagement as well as individual prayer expression including honest discussions about the rewards and challenges of each, in order to deepen and enrich our prayer experiences.

Talmud in the Tech Age • Saturdays, 12:30 p.m. • Don't miss our newest weekly class when Rabbi Ezring teaches an introduction to Talmud (with Rabbinical commentaries and analysis [Gemara] from both the Babylonian and Jerusalem
and explains how these ancient writings are relevant to us today. **Begins Saturday, February 16, 2019**


All adult classes are well-attended, so we know you will want to get the class schedule on your calendar as soon as possible.


Fri, February 22 2019 17 Adar I 5779