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Simchas, Courtyard Pavers, Kiddushim, Memorial Plaques, Bookplates and The Illustrated Torah


Temple Israel Courtyard Pavers

Looking for a NEW way to commemorate a loved one or a special occasion? We are now offering
opportunities to purchase pavers for Temple Israel’s Courtyard and Amphitheater. Celebrate family members, mark simchas, and pay tribute to special life events in our beautiful courtyard! For details and/or to order, click here.


Temple Israel Simcha Tree

Looking for a great way to mark a special simcha? Why not purchase a leaf on Temple Israel’s Simcha Tree, located in the Leon & Sandra Levine Social Hall?

Simcha Tree Leaves can be purchased to mark your special family or individual accomplishments, such as a birth, consecration, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, confirmation, a milestone birthday, graduation, engagement, marriage, or anniversary.

Cost is $180.  To purchase a Simcha Tree leaf, please contact SueAnn Burroughs at (980) 960-2377.


Kiddush/Shabbat Treats Sponsorships

Opportunities are available for those who are interested in sponsoring or co-sponsoring a Kiddush or Shabbat Treats, on the occasion of a special simcha. Commemorate an anniversary, a birthday, an achievement, or a friendship. It’s easy to do! 

To learn about your options, call the temple at (980) 960-2377.

Temple Israel Memorial Plaques

Temple Israel affords those who have lost a loved one the opportunity to perpetuate the cherished memory of their departed by having the name(s) of their loved one(s) inscribed on a bronze plaque to be placed on one of the synagogues Memorial Boards and/or placed on the Digital Yahrzeit Board.

Bronze Plaque + Virtual Yahrzeit Board: $400

Virtual Yahrzeit Plaque: $200 (includes biography, pictures, and family tree)

To purchase a Memorial Plaque, please click here to download an order form.

For more information about Simcha Leaves or Memorial Plaques, please contact SueAnn Burroughs at 980-960-2377.


Mahzorim/Humashim Bookplates


This year, Temple Israel will offer two different opportunities to honor your loved one(s) with the contribution of a prayer book or service accompaniment. Mahzor Lev Shalem is used each High Holiday season and includes resources and commentary to deepen our community’s shared worship experiences.

The Etz Hayim Humash includes the Hebrew text and English translation of each Torah and Haftorah portion, providing a way to follow along during Shabbat, weekday, and festival services, in addition to multiple commentaries and essays.

To honor your loved one(s) with a Mahzor or Humash, please click here.


The Illustrated Torah


The Illustrated Torah, created with the gifted hand of Israeli artist Michal Meron, is a beautiful, hand-painted scroll that represents the stories within the 54 weekly parshot of our traditional Torah through highlighted texts and vibrant images. You can feel it, interact with it, experience it and learn from it.

Reserve your place in Temple Israel’s history. Purchase a pasuk (verse), aliyah or parsha corresponding to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, anniversary, birthday or any other simcha. Or purchase an entire book. For more information, please click here.

Fri, May 24 2024 16 Iyyar 5784