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Virtual Yahrzeit Memorial

Into God’s Hand, I Commit My Spirit 

The Solitary Flame of the Yahrzeit light is a silent tribute to the preciousness and eternity of the human soul. Attending services, reciting Kaddish, and contributing to tzedakah (charity) are appropriate ways to commemorate your loved one’s memory. 

Temple Israel's Interactive Yahrzeit Memorial preserves the dignity and emotion of traditional Yahrzeit designs while incorporating compelling new features and innovations that greatly enhance the personal remembrance experience. There are unique features on the board such as pictures of your loved ones, a biography, and the option to create a family tree. If you have purchased a Bronze Plaque in the past, your loved one will automatically be on the board. 

If you are interested in purchasing a permanent Memorial Plaque and having it placed in our Memorial
Gallery, outside the Mindy Ellen Levine Chapel, please call SueAnn Burroughs (980) 960-2377 for more


To view Temple Israel's Yahrzeit Memorial virtually, please click here.


                                                                                                                     *Virtual Yahrzeit Board was a gift to Temple Israel from Norman Steinberger (OBM).


Sun, June 23 2024 17 Sivan 5784