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Music at TI

Temple Israel, under the leadership of Cantor Shira Lissek, strives to engage, inspire, and connect us to each other and our tradition through Jewish music.



A weekly musical blog featuring videos and recordings from Cantor Lissek at Temple Israel. Click the link(s) below to listen or view:

September 13 - This week we again share Hayom T'amtzeinu. It's message still holds true on Yom Kippur, carrying a deeper yearning to be heard. In the piyut, "Unetaneh Tokef," we repeat, "on Rosh Hashanah, it is written, on Yom Kippur, it is sealed." This is a time to ask for forgiveness from G-d, from other people and from ourselves. More importantly, if you want to be forgiven, you yourself have to be forgiving. The last service of Yom Kippur is Ne'ilah, where the gates of heaven are closing. We pray that G-d will hear us, grant us divine forgiveness and inscribe us for a good year! We hope you take the time to reacclimate yourselves with the Noah Aaronson melody and sing with us during Yom Kippur services. L'shanah Tova!

Click the photo below to watch last week's video!

September 6 - The moment of Rosh Hashanah is upon us in just a few days. This T’fillah, Hayom T’amtzeinu focuses on the power of this moment, Hayom, today, not tomorrow or next week, but Hayom-today. Hayom, today, is the moment we ask for our prayers to be heard. Strengthen us, today. Bless us, today. Raise us up, today. See our well being, today. Lovingly accept our prayers, today. Hear our plea, today. Support us with your righteousness, today…and we all sing out Amen, may it be so! At our Selichot study session on Saturday night, Cantor Lissek taught the community this uplifting setting by Noah Aaronson. Now is your chance to learn it too so that we are all ready to join our voices in prayer at Temple Israel this week. Please enjoy this week's Shira with Shira! Click the picture below to see today's video.

Hayom t’am’tzeinu. Amen

Hayom t’varcheinu. Amen

Hayom t’gad’leinu. Amen

Hayom tidr’sheinu l’tova. Amen

Hayom tickt’veinu l’chayim tovim. Amen

Hayom tishma shav’ateinu. Amen

Hayom t’kabel b’rachamim uv’ratzon et t’filateinu. Amen

Hayom tishma shavateinu. Amen

Hayom titm’cheinu bimin tzidkecha. Amen


August 30 - This Saturday night, join us for Selichot services at 10 p.m. With its haunting music intended to instill a mood of solemnity, Selichot serves as a prelude to the sacred themes of the Days of Awe. We will also take this opportunity to introduce contemporary settings of the liturgy and dive into the introspective nature of the prayers. This week's Shira with Shira introduces "Avinu Malkeinu" by Max Janowski. This arrangement will be heard on Selichot and the High Holy Days. To listen, click here. Our Selichot services will be preceded by a musical study session at 8:30 p.m. and dessert reception at 9:30 p.m.

August 23 - WAKE UP!!! This week's installation of Shira with Shira reminds us that Rosh Hashanah is upon us and it's time rejuvenate and return to our best selves. We hope you enjoy our version of Hashiveinu/ Return Again. Click here to view this week's video.

August 16 - Shma Kolenu, Hear Our Voices - We ask that G-d hear our prayer on the High Holy Days. This is a new contemporary setting that we are excited to share with you and will be used this year at Temple Israel’s High Holy Day services. To listen, click here. I so enjoyed praying with you at “Welcome Home Shabbat” and hope to see you on Friday evening and Saturday morning for services. 

August 9 As we approach the month of Elul and the High Holy Days, we begin to look inward, preparing ourselves and our souls for the New Year. This installment of Shira with Shira offers you Or Zarua by Rick Recht. We hope this song inspires you to reignite your light from within. Click here to view this week's video.

Piano - R. Monty Bennett

Video - Casey Topol Pressberg


August 2 - Cantor Shira Lissek is STARVING, but can’t quite put her finger on what will satisfy her hunger. Click here to watch this week’s edition of Shira with Shira to see how the story unfolds.

*Special thanks Monty Bennett and John Topol.

July 26 - Click here to watch this week's Shira with Shira video on our Facebook page. We are currently working on a YouTube channel, so stay tuned!

July 18 - The fast of Tisha B’av is a day of communal mourning on the Jewish calendar and has become a powerful ritual of collective grieving for the brokenness of the world then and now.  Each of us has a role in fixing the brokenness in the world.   It is us who individually can begin to make ripples that contribute to healing our very broken world.  One way is through prayer.  In our song of the week Eli, Eli- Oh G-d my G-d, we pray the words of Hannah Szenes, which translate to “Oh lord my G-d, I pray that these things never end, the sand and the sea, the rush of the waters, the crash of the heavens, the prayer of man.”  Join us for Shabbat and Tisha B’Av services this weekend where you will hear this beautiful setting by Oran Eldor. Click here to listen.


Thu, September 20 2018 11 Tishrei 5779