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December 4, 2022

Judaic Studies:

Hi Gimel Families!

After a nice Thanksgiving break it was great to see all of your children on Sunday!  We had a super fun lesson this week learning about the Tower of Babel.  We discussed the ideas detailed in the story - pride and objects becoming more important than people.  We shared thoughts on how hard it would have been to talk with someone who didn't speak our same language as happened in the story. These ideas led us to find how we can connect what happens in our everyday lives such as times when we may not know someone or find that we may not have a lot in common with someone we will need to work with.  The Gimel class shared things they are proud of in their lives as well as thoughts about how too much pride can make it hard to have good communication with friends.  The insights your children have always blows me away!

For our hands on project - I partnered up groups who were not allowed to talk to each other at all. The only instruction given was to build one tower out either Jenga pieces or dominos.  They had a great time trying to build together; however, they were frustrated that they weren’t able to build the best structure possible.  Each student shared that their finished tower was nothing like they had envisioned in the beginning.

On the second run each group were allowed to plan, discuss and build their structures again. They definitely found it easier to discuss and plan so they could have the same idea rather than trying to put guess what others wanted to do.  Their towers were higher and they used other materials to make it something they all wanted.  

I look forward to seeing the Gimel class next week!

Morah Ilene



Shalom Parents,

In the last couple of weeks, we covered the following letters:  Chet, Samech, and the sister letter Sin.  We went over vocabulary words for these letters, as well as the vowels Shuruk (oo sound), and the Kamatz Katan (oh sound).

We learned about the port city Haifa, located in the northern part of Israel, and introduced names of facial parts - Ayin/Eye, Ozen/Ear, Af/Nose, and Peh/Mouth.

Shabbat Shalom!

Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784