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Naming Opportunities

Kitchen Renovation $400,000
Mikveh Renovation $250,000
Administrative Offices $200,000
Rear Entrance Plaza Canopy $150,000
Memorial Gallery Hall Renewal $100,000
Entrance Foyer Renewal $100,000
Social Hall Refresh $75,000
Energy Efficiency Upgrades (Lighting) $75,000
Administrative Office Furnishings $75,000
Technology Upgrades $50,000
Administrative Foyer Renewal $50,000
Gift Shop Renovation $50,000
New Exterior Plaza $50,000
Gathering Area Furnishings $50,000
East Entrance Portico Refresh $50,000
Exterior Plaza Steps $40,000
Redesigned Centralized Silver Display Cases (2) $40,000
Plaza Entrance Sign $35,000
Multipurpose Rooms (4) $35,000
120 Campaign Wall of Honor – RESERVED $30,000
West Sanctuary Lobby Renewal $30,000
East Sanctuary Lobby Renewal $30,000
Bimah Lecterns (Rabbi and Cantor) $30,000
Exterior Plaza Landscaping $30,000
New Exterior Plaza Doors (2) $25,000
Rear Entrance Garden Wall $25,000
Front Entrance Drive $25,000
Outdoor Memorial Garden Renewal $25,000
Gift Shop Displays $25,000
Social Hall AV System $25,000
Multipurpose Room Kitchenette $25,000
Memorial Gallery Seating Area $25,000
Memorial Garden Doors $25,000
Reception Desk $25,000
Video Streaming in Sanctuary for Services $25,000
Video Streaming for Lifelong Learning Classes $25,000
Sanctuary Lobby Kiosk $25,000
Bimah Chairs and Benches $25,000


To download a PDF of the 120th Celebration and Reinvestment Campaign Naming Opportunities,
please click here.

If you would like more information about the naming opportunities associated with this campaign, or our ongoing naming opportunities listed below, please contact Glenda Bernhardt, Temple Israel Executive Director, at (704) 362-2796 or

Ongoing Naming Opportunities

Endowed Senior Rabbi Position $3,000,000
Endowed Associate Rabbi Position $2,000,000
Endowed Adult Education Programming $1,000,000
Endowed Youth Education Position $1,000,000
Endowment of Technology Upgrades $500,000
Endowment of Stained Glass Window
Weekly E Blast Annual Sponsorship $40,000
Kol Yisrael Annual Sponsorship $25,000
Book of Remembrance Annual Sponsorship $10,000
Weekly E Blast Sponsorship $1,000


Click here to download a PDF of our Ongoing Naming Opportunities.

Thu, May 24 2018 10 Sivan 5778