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March 26, 2023

Judaic Studies:

Kitah Gimel Families,

We had a great class this past Sunday! We continued our journey through the Book of Genesis this week and focused on the stories of Joseph.   When learning about Joseph and his brothers we shared that we could all understand feeling jealous as Joseph’s brothers did when they felt Joseph was the favorite child but were very surprised at how far his brothers were willing to go!

We also discussed the dreams Joseph was able to decipher for both Pharoah and Pharoah’s cup bearer.  Ask your child about Pharoah’s dream and what Joseph said it meant.  We took a few moments to share some of the crazy ideas we have had.  Once the story was over we discussed why Joseph was able to decipher Pharoah’s dream when no one else had been able to.  Please ask your child what their favorite parts were.

After next Sunday’s lesson we will be ready to really celebrate the holiday of Passover. 




Shalom Parents,

Continuing our work in Mitkadem. Seeing more and more examples of prefixes and suffixes, and how to recognize them. Strong emphasis this week on using our Aleph-Bet/Vowel sheets when reading. So proud of both Gimel classes for working so hard and being so excited about getting things done in Mitkadem.

Happy Pesach to all!


Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784