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TIRS Shabbat Service Attendance

TIRS students in Kitah Gimel (3rd) to Kitah Zayin (7th) are required to attend a certain number of Shabbat services throughout the 2023-2024 TIRS school year. Attendance at services held at another congregation counts towards the requirement.

Please use this form to log your child's service attendance at Temple Israel or at another congregation.

*Kitah Gimel (3rd) and Kitah Dalet (4th): Must attend 8 services, 4 of which may be Friday evening

*Kitah Hey (5th) and Kitah Vav (6th): Must attend 10 services, 5 of which may be Friday evening

*Kitah Zayin (7th): Must attend 12 services, 6 of which may be Friday evening

I confirm that my child attended services.

Please contact TIRS at or 704-944-6786 with questions.

Fri, May 24 2024 16 Iyyar 5784