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January 29, 2023

We visited the chapel to examine the Torah. Each student used the yad (pointer) to find Hebrew letters and was able to feel the parchment and see how a Torah is dressed. We finished off our unit about the synagogue by creating a “Let’s Discover the Synagogue” board game. Students worked on the boards today and will bring home their games that you can play as a family next Sunday. In Hebrew, we learned to read with the Hebrew letter Aleph. We learned that Aleph s silent, so we only need to make the sound of the vowel assigned to the Aleph when we read the Aleph. We learned a new melody for L’chu N’ranina and practiced singing the other prayers that we have learned in preparation of our class Shabbat. Remember- our class Shabbat is on March 17th!

Thu, December 7 2023 24 Kislev 5784