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October 30, 2022

JL&C - Although we had a light attendance to continue our conversation this week on Jewish Life and Culture, those students present, truly shared some strong view points and perspectives about how a mezuzah can be kosher among vegetarians. Some students felt the sacred ritual offering of using animal skin for parchment did not conflict with the significant slaughter of billions of animals for human consumption; while others felt it might just be best to use a non-kosher scroll in the receptacle. We connected our conversation of mezuzah to our own holy vessel, our body. We developed a deeper understanding of our commandment to guard our body (Deuteronomy 4:9), sh’mirat ha-guf. This led to a reflective conversation about how we treat our bodies, from brushing our teeth, breaking bones, maintaining a proper diet, and even if tattoos are allowed. I am hopeful next week we have more students present to reflect on our culture and continued deeper understanding of what it means to be Jewish.


Judaic Studies

We had a great week in Kitah Zayin,

This week our class Madricha, Eliana, led the class as a certified instructor for the Anne Frank Exhibit from the University of South Carolina. Students learned about Anne Frank’s diary and followed her life side-by-side with events happening in Europe. During class, students discussed with Eliana different historical events, dispelling incorrect rumors such as Hitler having a Jewish relative, and learned more background about how the Nazi party was able to take over Germany. At the end of class, students asked Eliana questions about the presentation, other rumors they heard about the Holocaust, and how we know so much information about what went on during this time period.  

Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784