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Jewish filmmaker Paula Kweskin Uses Storytelling To Give Voice to Oppressed Women

-Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), March 3, 2020
Beaten and abused by her husband, Robina was just 25 when she set herself on fire, preferring death by suicide to the “dishonor” of leaving her spouse. In Iran, a woman considered to be dressed immodestly is forced, screaming, into a police car. In Pakistan, a girl tells her story of being forced into marriage before her 12th birthday.

These are just some of the shocking stories featured in “Honor Diaries,” a 2013 documentary film that explores violence against women in honor-based societies.

The Jewish woman behind that film, Paula Kweskin, has made fighting for women’s rights the centerpiece of her professional life.

“Making this film highlighted for me how true it is that human rights start with women’s rights,” said Kweskin, who now lives in Israel..........


To read more about this filmmaker (daughter of Wendy & Joel Kweskin) who grew up in Charlotte, and at Temple Israel, click here.

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