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April 25 & 26

Gimel students continued to work on their Hebrew reading skills. Some students worked on reading the Hebrew words of the V’ahvata prayer, while other students worked on the blessing for an aliyah to the Torah or the Friday night kiddush. By reading and re-reading these prayers, students are becoming more familiar with the Hebrew words in the prayers and increasing their fluency with the prayers we commonly use in our services and rituals.


Dalet students continued to work in their Mitkadem binders.  This week we focused on reading Hebrew with greater fluency. The goal is for students to complete the current ramah (level) they are working on before the school year ends.


Hey students learned to read and chant the blessing for an aliyah to the torah. They were very excited to learn the prayer!


Vav students continued working on their end of year Hebrew prayer challenge. Students worked on reading the Ashrei and portions of the silent Amidah. They also learned the closing rituals for the Amidah.  


All students learned about Yom Ha'atzmaut and played a trivia game testing their knowledge about Israel. Students on Wednesday had a chance to attend the park wide celebration on Shalom Park.



Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784