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January 24, 2023 (Tuesday only)



Gimel students completed packets where they matched Hebrew sounds to their English equivalents, identified silent letters, and matched rhyming words and synonyms to review and check their Hebrew reading skills.

Dalet - Students continue to work through their Mitkadem packets. Some students are almost finished the unit on blessings in Ramah 4. They will be studying for the assessment and taking it in the next couple of weeks. There are also some students who are still making their way through Ramah 3, where they are learning about root words in Hebrew as well as prefuxes and suffixes.


Hey -The Hey students are working hard with their Hebrew reading review. This week, they practiced reading words with the letters Gimmel and Koof. They read aloud as a group and “popcorn” read-where each student reads a word aloud. Students that are already proficient Hebrew readers continued working on learning the brachot (blessings) that are recited over various foods and composed their own personal blessing.


Vav students worked in their Mitkadem binders. Most students are now working on the blessing for an Aliyah to the Torah. Students read and chanted the Aliyah blessing aloud, learned the root word for commandment, and questioned what the prayer means when it says that God planted everlasting life in us.


Experiential Education

Students watched a video about Tu B'shvat  and Honi the Circle Maker. In the video they learned it is important to take care of the earth today and plant trees today, so that their children and grandchildren will have trees in the future. Then, students brainstormed different themes and fruits associated with Tu B'shvat. Finally, the class had a blast playing Pictionary with the words they came up with. There are some great artists in the !


Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784