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January 10 & 11, 2023

Experiential Education

We had another great week in Experiential Education!

This week we started to learn about different foods in Israel. We started class by reviewing where Israel is, what type of weather it has, and comparing it to life in Charlotte. Next, we discussed how the Jewish calendar lines up perfectly with harvests and seasons in Israel. Students then learned about the 7 species that grow in Israel by doing a gallery crawl around the room. Students went around the room learning about each of the 7 species, what Jewish value they represent, what they look like, and one fun fact they learned.


Dalet Students are working their way through the different Mitkadem levels. This week a number of students completed Ramah 3 where they worked on learning about root words, prefixes and suffixes. A few students completed ramah 4, where they were learning the blessings over food, candle lighting and different holiday blessings.

Hey students sharpened their Hebrew reading skills by reviewing the Hebrew letters and vowel flashcards and reading aloud with lines of Hebrew that emphasized reading with the Hebrew letters Samech and Sin. Some of the Hey students, who are already proficient Hebrew readers, worked in their Mitkadem binders on the unit about the blessings that are recited for eating foods and lighting candles. They also considered times when we want to pray individually or collectively as a community.

Tuesday Vav students continued working in their Mitkadem binders. Some students completed their unit on the Friday night Kiddush where they learned that the Kiddush is recited as we make Shabbat a holy time and that the prayer recalls the creation of the world and the exodus from Egypt. Other students are working on the blessings for an Aliyah to the Torah where they are reflecting on what it means that God chose the Jewish people to receive the Torah and putting the acts of the Torah service in chronological order.

Wednesday Vav students (in Margaret’s class) started a new conversational Hebrew reading curriculum which will supplement their Mitkadem activities. They learned how to introduce themselves and state where they are from in Hebrew. They enjoyed learning by reading a Hebrew play about four people that meet in the airport on their way to Israel. 


Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784