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November 15 &16

Hebrew -

Gimel (3rd) students practiced reading with the Hebrew letters Kaf, Chaf, Chaf Sofit, and Yud. They read aloud as a group as well as individually. Student also played a game of Connect Four with Hebrew words.

Dalet (4th) students continued to work in their binders. Some students are learning which blessings to recite over different foods, while others are working on the Friday evening kiddush. 

Hey (5th)students practiced reading with the Hebrew letters Sin and Pey. They read aloud as a group as well as individually. Student also had fun completing a Hebrew crossword puzzle.

Vav (6th) students continued to learn about different tefillot in their Mitkadem notebooks. Students in Ramah 5 learned how the Kiddush reminds us to rest on Shabbat because it recalls that God also rested on the seventh day of Creation and that God redeemed us from slavery in Egypt because we, as all humans, should be able to rest. Students in Ramah 6 put the events of the Torah service in chronological order and reflected on the words of the Torah blessing which state that God chose us from among other nations and planted within us everlasting life. Students reflected that we can have everlasting life by passing on the Torah from generation to generation – L’dor V’dor. Students in Ramah 9 put phrases on the Shema in order and discovered the origin of the mitzvot of wearing t’zitzit and tefillin and hanging a mezuzah, which are described in the prayer. Students in Ramah 11 worked on learning the meaning of the Amidah by studying vocabulary and recognizing how the prayer has evolved with the addition of the matriarchs.




We had another great week in Experiential Education!

This week we focused on how to look for kosher packaged food in stores. Students learn about hechshers (kosher food symbols), the process food and other products go through to be certified kosher, and where to look on packages to search for a hechsher. Students then had the opportunity to look at various products to search for hechshers in different products in the classroom. Each student was given a checklist with each product to mark if the product had a hechsher, if the ingredients were kosher, and if they felt the product was kosher. At the end of class, we reviewed each answer and discussed different reasons a product could be ruled as not kosher.


Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784