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November 1 & 2,2022

Experiential Education -

We had another great week in Experiential Education!

We started class reviewing what we learned last week about what animals are kosher, what are the three breakdowns of food types in Judaism (meat, dairy, and parve), and why certain animals are not kosher. Next, we started talking about pareve foods such as fruits and vegetables. Students then learned about different insects that we check for before we eat different fruits and vegetables. In small groups, students first did a visual inspection of green onions to look for leaf miners living in the stalks. Next students learned how to wash parsley by soaking it in a dishwater solution for 15 seconds and then checking the water for bugs by using a flashlight and a white piece of paper to simulate a lightbox. Next, we did the same for broccoli.  Since the vegetables were only lightly hand-washed before, students got to see thrip bugs, small plant mites, and even a vegetable fly in one group! Students then had a chance to wash strawberries, remove the leaves, and rinse them. After, we learned the bracha (blessing) ha’adama and ate the strawberries. Students then looked at a chart of bracha rishona for what blessings we do before eating certain foods.  Lastly, students were given a kosher marshmallow and a Hershey’s kiss to learn how to recite shehakol.




Students practiced reading with the Vav and Tet from lessons 12 and 13 in the Tiyulim curriculum. Students read aloud as a group and also read individually with a “popcorn” reading activity.


Students worked on Hebrew vocabulary words through playing I Spy in Hebrew.



Students reviewed the Hebrew letters and vowels with flashcards and then practiced their Hebrew reading. They read with 21 of the 31 Hebrew letters and all of the Hebrew vowels. Once they are proficient with their Hebrew reading, they will resume work in the Mitkadem Hebrew prayer program. 


Students finished their review of the Hebrew letters and vowels and received their Mitkadem notebooks. Mitkadem is our Hebrew prayer curriculum where students learn to read and chant prayer while also exploring and reflecting on the meaning of the prayer. Most students are beginning with Ramah (Level) 5 which highlights the Friday night Kiddush.



Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784