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Judaic Studies:

Today we finished watching the movie Praying with Lior.  Did your child explain to you last time how Lior is special?  That he has Down’s Syndrome, yet was still able to study for and have a Bar Mitzvah?  We watched Lior struggle with writing his D’var Torah, deal with some nerves as his big day approached, and celebrate his success, all very ordinary parts of any Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  But we also watched Lior’s family and classmates talk about his struggles and their worries because of his developmental differences.  Discuss with your child how they related to Lior.  What did they find in common with him?  What did they respect or admire about him?

Due to time constraints we were only able to watch select segments of the movie, but many of the students wished to see the entire film.  Here is a link if you’d like to watch the movie with your child/family. 



The kids did amazing work on the Ramot , putting extra focus on reading, practicing prefixes  in (ב)  , and (ו) , to(ל)

So proud of the students.  They are dedicated and work hard.  

Sun, June 23 2024 17 Sivan 5784