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December 11, 2022

Judaic Studies:


We most recently studied the Jewish life cycle event of consecration, so today we went back and reviewed what we learned in our earliest days of Jewish studies.  All students participated in a game of Kahoot! focused on the Jewish holidays–the curriculum from the first years of religious school.  Ask your child which team they played on and how they did in the game.  Teams had to not only pick the correct answer, they also had to explain why that was the correct answer.  Ask your child why the challah is round at Rosh Hashanah or on which holiday we wear white and why.  It was a fun and rousing review of early learning.



I wanted to take a moment  to rave about your wonderful children who did an amazing job this week in the find the word game for Chanukah and matching the holidays symbols to the words in Hebrew and writing them. In addition. They are all doing a great job in their different ramot in Mitkadem. Wishing you a great week and Happy Chanukah.


Sun, June 23 2024 17 Sivan 5784