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November 6, 2022

This past week the Gan class learned all about the story of Noah. We first read “This is the Ark that Noah Built”. We first learned how the Ark was 300 cubits long and that 1 cubit = 18 feet. The students then paired up and were given a string one cubit long to measure around the school. We then talked about how the Ark needed to float or be buoyant, and tested different items in the classroom to see if they would float or sink. Then each student created their own boat made of foil and tested how well they floated by carefully adding coins one-at-a-time until it sunk. Next, we learned how Noah’s Ark had three levels. As a class we decided which animals would go on each level and why, as well as which level Noah and his family lived on. Finally, we learned a new Hebrew letter, “Nun” for “Noah”, and worked in our Hebrew binders.

Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784