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October, 30, 2022

This past week the Gan class learned all about the story of Adam & Eve. We first read “Adam’s Animals” and how God commanded Adam to name all the animals. We then created our own unique animals out of play dough and named them. Next, we headed over to the Shalom Green Garden where we learned how God commanded Adam & Eve, to take care of the garden and Earth. We were given a special tour of the Shalom Green Garden and learned how plants grow into fruits, vegetables, and flowers from single seeds. We then each made a “Ball of Energy”, or a seed pocket wrapped in clay. The kids got to take these home to grow their own wildflowers and care for their garden. Finally, we took some time to work in our Hebrew binders and review all the Hebrew letters we had been working on this year- Aleph, Dalet, Lamed, Samech, Shin and Tav.

Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784