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October 23, 2022

Judaic Studies - We reviewed the 5 Books of Moses–their names, that they are divided into chapters and verses–then read two more passages that describe the location of the land God promised his people.  This was more of the information the Zionists used when they were settling land and creating Modern Israel.  We then began work on a large wall map of Israel that we will continue to use throughout our study.  We had team “create the outline of the map” and team “create the sand for the desert. Ask your child about how they served.  We then all worked together to add the sand to the map to create the Negev. Discuss with your child the fact that 60% of Israel is made up of desert. In future lessons we’ll discuss how Israelis are able to make things grow and flourish in the dry desert conditions.  Be sure your calendars are marked for Sunday, November 6–that’s our Dalet Family Education Day and we’d love to see everyone here.

Hebrew Students continued working in their Mitkadem binders. They are making  great progress. Students are working on various tefillot, including Friday night Kiddush, The Amidah as well as learning the blessings over different foods.


Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784