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Our Alternative Services & Study Groups

Java n’ Jeans

Do you have questions about Jewish prayer? Are you seeking a deeper meaning behind the prayers? Join Rabbi Klirs for Java ‘N Jeans at 10:00am on the 1st Shabbat morning of the month, when you can delve into and discuss the true meaning and purpose of prayer over coffee, while wearing your favorite pair of jeans. (But everyone’s welcome, even if they’re not wearing jeans!)


Join Rabbi Klirs at 10:00am on the 3rd Shabbat morning of the month for our Kavanah service, combining meditation, reflection, joyous chanting and singing accompanied by musical instruments, to renew our spirits and connect us to the deeper spiritual meaning of Shabbat. The service sometimes also includes insights drawn from the weekly Parashah (Torah reading), and occasionally a few brief, simple yoga breathing or stretching exercises.

Torah Study Groups

Stay for an enriching, engrossing hour of learning together.

Tuesdays with Torah

Join us on Tuesdays for a lively discussion on the weekly parsha (reading from the Torah portion). Topics have included: managing in crisis mode, wearing “holy clothes,” preventing a dark outlook, entering in a relationship with God, visiting the sick, and having a hard heart. Join us for more great conversations to come.

Torah Sparks

Join us on on Wednesdays as we study the “Pirkei Avot,” The Ethics of our Ancestors as a guide. We will explore the wellspring of ethics and morality from the beginning of Rabbinic Judaism to today. Our study will include such issues as: “The Value of a Smile,” “How Honest Must We Be?” “What Age is the Best Age To Be?” and “The Best Way To Discover God.”

Children’s Services

Please see our CALENDAR for upcoming dates and times.

Wed, October 18 2017 28 Tishrei 5778