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February 5, 2023

Section A - Hello families!! What a busy Sunday we had. This morning, during Tefillah, Rabbi Wolk told us the story of Honi and the Circle Maker, who met a farmer who was planting carob seeds. The story explained it takes 70 years for a seed to grow to a full grown tree that gives fruit. Honi wondered why the farmer would bother if he would not be around to see it. The farmer explained he is not planting the seeds for himself. He is planting these trees for future generations. 

Rabbi Wolk told this story because this week we celebrated Tu B’shvat, the birthday of the trees. 


In class, we continued the discussion and talked about all the awesome things that trees give us. We read through our BJL beginnings worksheet further continuing the conversation of Tu B’shvat.  We worked on a Tu B’shbat word search and coloring page, we watched a cute video of the holiday, we read a book called " Mr. Tempkin climbs a tree"  and best of all, we had a mini Tu B’shvat seder with dates, apricots and dried kiwi.

Parker continues to teach the students Hebrew letters and how to write them. 

Have a wonderful remainder of the week. 

Morah Suzanne, Parker, and Max


Section B -

Thu, December 7 2023 24 Kislev 5784