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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Section A - Hello Aleph 1 families!!

This week we learned all about Tzedakah.

We talked about what Tzedakah is, what it is used for and how important it is to give. We read a Jewish folktale about the idea of Tzedakah and each student had a chance to read a passage from our Tzedakah worksheet.

We listened to an amazing song called “ put it in the pushke the Tzedakah box” the whole time.

Ask your children about it!!

We learned the letter tzade for Tzedakah and made our very own Tzedakah boxes.

They know that they can put money in the box when they hear good news, before lighting Shabbat candles and at holidays.

If you can, please send your child to TIRS with a small bag. Sometimes we have a lot of things to bring home and it's hard for their little hands to carry everything.

Thank you!! Morah Suzanne


Section B - Hi parents,

This week we explored the concept of mitzvot in the context of stories in the Torah. We read a book and watched a video that corresponded to these topics. The children also continued to work on their book illustrating parshiyot.  In Hebrew they learned the letter צ. Finally we talked about the number and types of mitzvot and came up with examples of each kind. 

Have a great week!

Morah Jen

Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784