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November 20, 2022

Hello Aleph Families!  Today we talked about God as our partner. The learning goal was for the students to understand that they are partners with God. We started our day with a story called " God in Between" by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso. It is about a town of people who have no windows or roads  by their homes and are wondering if there is a God. There are two people who do have windows and the townspeople ask them to go in search of God so that their problems will be solved. They went to the mountains, dessert, the sea, etc and did not find God there. When they returned to the town, the man and the woman helped the townspeople build roads. The moral of the story is that God is between us and our partner in life. 

We brainstormed a list of ways that we could be partners with God.  The students came up with great answers. We then followed that up with an activity sheet where they had to color, cut, and match the pictures of what God created and what people created.They  found a partner and played the matching game with a friend!  You may have seen a cup with the cards brought home.

Some students played spot it. That game can only be played with a partner so it further brought the concept of partnership to light.

The students reviewed Hebrew letters and learned the letter Nun today. 


 December 11- our family education project. For this day, please have photos of the person who your child is named after. (Hebrew name) We will be creating beautiful name bracelets and posters with the children. 

 Thank you for all your support.

Sun, June 23 2024 17 Sivan 5784