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October 16, 2022

Section 1 - Morah Suzanne

After Shira/ Tefillah, the class ate snack in the sukkah and had the chance to shake the lulav too!

We talked about Simchat Torah and learned many things about this holiday. We learned that we walk around the sanctuary 7 times. It takes a year to read the Torah from beginning to end. Bet is the first letter in the Torah and Lamed is the last letter. Together lamed and bet make the word lev, which means heart. We created our own Torah scrolls out of pretzels and fruit roll ups! In Hebrew, we learned the letter Dalet,which is the first letter in the word degel, which means flag! Then, we waved flags to celebrate Simchat Torah!!

Have a great week!!


Section 2 - Morah Jen

Today we spent some time in the sukkah admiring the decorations we made last week, smelling the etrog, and shaking the lulav. The kids also had fun doing a scavenger hunt in the sukkah. Some items were hard to find so we used the Hebrew words for hot (cham) and cold (kar) to help them figure out where the items were located. Back in the classroom we completed the book, This is the Sukkah that name Built. Some students wrote their name in English and others wrote them name in Hebrew. We also read a bit about Simchat Torah and learned the first and last words in the Torah. Based on that, we figured out that the first and last letters of the Torah spell לב (lev or heart). Finally we completed a craft to go along with that new discovery. In Hebrew, Parker reviewed previously learned letters and introduced the letter dalet ד

Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784