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Blog - Feedback from Temple Israel Religious School (TIRS) Parents (9/10/17)

10/26/2017 05:47:25 PM


In addition to the congregation-wide survey, the Clergy Search Communications Committee is gathering additional qualitative data from as many TI members as possible to help guide the Search Committee. This data will be anonymously collected during TI meetings by asking members to write responses to two questions onto notecards:

1) What is the most important thing that you would want the new Cantor/Rabbi to know about TI?

2) What question would you like to ask the Cantor/Rabbi candidates?

Notecards will be anonymously collected, then categorized and reviewed to gain greater congregant insight into priorities for our upcoming Cantor and Rabbi searches.

On the first day of TIRS, the Clergy Search Communications Committee passed out notecards to 200+ religious school parents during Opening Session. The Committee received 30 responses for the Cantor search and 34 responses for the Rabbi search. Feedback for both positions included feedback of what is great about TI. These are attractive points for potential clergy to recognize our synagogue as a great place to work and make a difference:

  • We have a warm, welcoming, tight-knit, involved, strong, family-oriented, community atmosphere.
  • We have a very diverse membership base (children, seniors, young adults, young families, interfaith families, converts, new members, etc.).
  • We have many families/children who want to be more engaged in Shabbat services and programs and desire energetic, child-friendly clergy leadership.
  • We desire a strong Jewish education for our children and well-prepared B'nai Mitzvah students.

As we enter into this search, the following (Top 5) points are on TIRS parents' minds:

CANTOR (30 responses)

  • (17) Desire a cantor's strong engagement of families/kids during Shabbat services (strong pulpit personality, musical ability, energetic and consistent tunes, inclusion of children/young adults during services)
  • (10) Have questions about a cantor's ability to engage such a diverse congregation (elder versus youth needs, differing Hebrew levels, diverse backgrounds)
  • (9) Desire a cantor who feels comfortable and enjoys working with children
  • (7) Have questions about the involvement of a new cantor at TIRS (desire greater involvement)
  • (6) Have questions about Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation (desire greater involvement and more-prepared kids)

RABBI (34 responses)

  • (15) Desire increased engagement of families/children of all ages at services and programs
  • (15) Believe it will be very important to not only engage diverse groups of people, but create cohesion among them (children, seniors, young adults, young families, interfaith families, converts, new members, etc.)
  • (8) Desire a Rabbi who connects with and energizes children
  • (4) Desire a Rabbi who will bring energy/revitalize congregation (charisma, pulpit style, spirituality)
  • (4) Have questions about Shabbat services (Pulpit style, sermons, inclusion of young families/kids)

This feedback is incredibly important to the Search Committee and we look forward to engaging many more groups of people over the next few months!


Tue, January 23 2018 7 Shevat 5778