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BLOG Vav (6th) Week of November 15

Morah Mary-Margaret

This week we learned that often in life we are challenged to stand up and take responsibility for our communities and ourselves.

Students reviewed the story of Adam and Chava (Eve) in Gan Eden (Garden of Eden). After God gives explicit instructions to not eat from the Tree of Knowledge, the serpent tricks Chava into eating the fruit, and she gives some to Adam to eat. Adam and Chava realize they are naked and hide. When God calls to them, “Ayeka (Where are you)?" they respond by blaming others and not accepting responsibility.


Students also reviewed Avraham, Isaac, and the Akeidah, or “Binding of Isaac.” Both Avraham and

Isaac respond "Hineni” during this significant event in Jewish history when Avraham binds Isaac

to the altar with an intent to sacrifice him to serve God.


Finally, we recalled Moses and the burning bush when God calls out “Moses, Moses”, which is

also a form of “Ayeka.” Moses responds “Hineni,", or “here I am,” indicating a readiness to step up

and serve.


How will these students know when God is calling "Ayeka" to them?  We watched this video for clues-- are we being called?  When do we miss it? And what do we have to do so that we can respond "Hineni"?

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Fri, May 7 2021 25 Iyyar 5781