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Week of March 21

Melissa Lefko


We had a fantastic, fun-filled Sunday in the Gan class!

First, we discussed the Passover Seder table, learning all about every item that we use during the Seder. The students were very knowledgeable and were excited to share their own experiences celebrating Passover. 

Then we read "The Passover Guest" in which a young girl is feeling sad because her family does not have enough to host a Passover Seder.  She encounters a mysterious man who encourages her to return home for Passover. At home, the mysterious man appears and magically her home is filled with food, tables, chairs and all of the items needed to host a beautiful seder. The Rabbi leads all of his congregation to witness the bounty, and everyone celebrates Passover together. The girl realizes that the mysterious man has disappeared, but so has all of the wine from Elijah's cup. Your children are so sharp they immediately realized that the mysterious man was, in fact, Elijah. 

We talked about the Ten Plagues and sang "Oh Listen, King Pharoah" together. Everyone enjoyed singing "NO, NO, NO!" together. We continued to sing and dance to more Passover songs, including Dayenu. 

We learned about baal tashchit, or not being wasteful, and how important it is to take care of the Earth.

Finally, we searched for chametz, or leavened food. Everyone was an expert at finding chametz.

We hope you will find a place for the parsley and the Elijah's Cup your children brought home at your Passover Seder table. I wish you a Chag Pesach Sameach! See you back at TIRS on April 11!

Week of March 14

Rabbi Kornsgold

We continued to review the song and hand motions for the Order of the Passover Seder song.  Students learned about Elijah the Prophet and created their own beautiful and unique cups for Elijah. In Hebrew it is called kos Eliyahu. This Sunday the students will bring them home for you to use at your seder. I hope you like the parsley plant your child brought home. It is my hope you will use the parsley on your seder plate this year. We watched a Shaboom video about Bikkur Cholim, visiting the sick and had a discussion about the importance of visiting people when they are sick. The students listened to Passover music while doing their art project. They concluded that Dayenu is their favorite song!

Week of March 7

Rabbi Kornsgold

The class enjoyed learning about the items on the seder plate and then decorating their own seder plates for your Passover seders. We watched a Shaboom video about the four questions and started to practice singing the first question. We reviewed the order of the Seder with fun and silly hand motions. Did you know there are 14 parts of the seder? See if you child remembers the hand motions. We sang the songs about frogs jumping here and there and soon the entire room was filled with pretend frogs jumping everywhere.  We had a great morning! Looking forward to seeing your kids and learning with them on Sunday.

Week of February 28

Rabbi Kornsgold

After making Havdalah and saying goodbye to Shabbat, we jumped right into learning about the next Jewish holiday, Passover! The class learned the song to review the 14 parts of the seder, along with the hand motions to go along with it. We watched a Shaboom video about Ma Nishtanah and talked about The Four Questions. We started learning the first question and will work on the rest of them over the next few weeks. WE read a story about Passover and learned about cleaning one’s house for Passover and searching for the chametz the night before Passover begins (Bedikat Chametz). The parsley your kids planted a few weeks ago looks amazing and you will have plenty of parsley for your seder table. The plants will be sent home in a couple of weeks.

Week of February 21

Rabbi Kornsgold

Happy Purim!


We had a blast celebrating Purim at TIRS! The students decorated and packed Mishloach Manot (which they were supposed to give you for Purim)! We hope you enjoy the goodies as part of your Purim celebration. Then, we read the story "Queen Vashti's Comfy Pants".  The kids loved the story. They learned about how Queen Vashti stood up for herself. The King wanted Vashti and her friends to come entertain him  and very loudly she shouted "NO”! Then, the  students shared with each other who they dressed up as before participating in the school Purim parade. It was a festive morning for everyone. Wishing you and your family a Happy Purim!

Week of February 7

Rabbi Kornsgold

After making Havdalah and saying goodbye to Shabbat, we turned our attention to Purim. We reviewed the 4 mitzvot of Purim and learned two new words, masecha (mask for costumes) and masechot (masks for costumes).  Then, we made awesome masks to wear during our Purim celebration and also on Purim day.  Your child will bring home the mask he/she created after we celebrate Purim on February 21. Then, we watched a Shaboom video called Finders, Returners and learned about the concept of Hashevat Aveida, returning lost objects to their owners. We concluded the day singing the song LaKova Sheli and doing the related hand motions. This is one of Rabbi Kornsgold’s favorite Purim songs.

Week of January 31

Rabbi Kornsgold

After making Havdalah together and smelling the delicious spice bags (b’samim), the class watched a Shaboom video about Ometz Lev, courage of the heart. We talked about wat this mean and that we all have Ometz Lev. Next, we turned our attention to learning about Purim.  We talked about the 4 mitzvot of Purim, learned Hebrew words related to the holiday read a Purim story. Then, it was time for an art project. The students did a fantastic job making their very own grogger which they will shake on Purim when they hear the name Haman! They had a blast practicing this and they aced it! We concluded the morning listening to some Purim music. It was a very festive morning.

Week of January 24

Rabbi Kornsgold

We started class by making Havdalah. We said goodbye to shabbat and welcomed in a brand new week.  We continue our discussion about trees and how important they are for humans. Every student had the opportunity to plant parsley seeds. We will watch them grow each week and hope to have some delicious parsley for you to use at your Passover seder. The students reviewed the Alephbet song and had a chance to be the leader.  They did a great job and the entire class received stickers for participating. We watched a short Shaboom video which helped us learn some Shabbat blessings; the blessing over the candles, the blessing over the wine, the blessing over washing your hands and finally, the blessing over the challah.  The morning finished with the students singing Oseh Shalom. It was another fun-filled day in the gan class.

Week of January 10

Rabbi Kornsgold

We had a great first day back in the new year! I am so happy to have the opportunity to teach your children and get to know them better over the next few months.

We began class by learning about Havdalah and coloring a picture of the objects used during Havdalah, the ceremony which marks the end of Shabbat. Then we recited the blessings over the wine, spices and the Havdalah candle and wished everyone Shavua Tov – a good week.

Next, we started the unit on Tu B’Shvat ט״וּ בִּשְׁבָט, the new year of the trees. Tu B’Shvat ט״וּ בִּשְׁבָט is a time when we connect with nature and celebrate our connection to the trees. In this lesson, students learned about how people and trees need each other to live. People have a multitude of ways that they rely on trees. We must take care of trees and nature if we want it to be available for us in the future. We listened to some Tu B’shvat songs and moved our bodies around like trees and branches.

I hope you enjoy the picture frame your child(ren) made. They did a great job. Each frame came out unique and reflected the personality of the child who created it. You can attach a picture to the back of the frame and hang it on your fridge (it doubles as a magnet).

Here are some activities to help you extend this lesson at home:

·        Explore the links in the Bitmoji Tu B’Shvat ט״וּ בִּשְׁבָט Party here:

·        Tu B’Shvat ט״וּ בִּשְׁבָט craft ideas, here:


Sunday, January 17 – is Yom Gemilut Hasadim, Temple Israel’s Mitzvah Day. There are no in person classes. Please log on at 9:30am and join us for the opening ceremony and then you can choose which projects you would like to do from the comfort of your home.

Week of December 13

Morah Cara

This week the Gan class continued to celebrate Chanukah! We made our own dreidels, both out of cardstock and candy 🙂 We talked about the concept of Hakarat Hatov, which is about gratitude, or "recognizing the good." Lastly, we had some fun and danced! I am going to miss these students so much, I have felt so lucky to get to teach them each week! Have a safe and happy new year! 

Week of December 6

Morah Cara

This week we began talking about Chanukah! We learned about the dreidel and the meaning behind each letter, and watched a video on the Chanukah story. Next, each child made a Chanukah menorah drawing by tracing their hands, which came out so cute! Lastly, we read a Chanukah story, and did some dancing. The kids are always great, and we had so much fun!

BLOG Gan (K) Week of November 22

Morah Cara


This week, in preparation for thanksgiving, the Gan class learned about the Jewish concept of Todah, or "offering thanks." The kids each made and took home an art project where they wrote or drew the things in their life that they are thankful for. We made a "gratitude wall" in our classroom, where the kids each put up a drawing of something in their life that they are grateful for. Lastly, the kids were briefly introduced to the concept of Kavod, or "respect." We watched a video on how we can show Kavod to others in our life. The kids are always great and so much fun! Have a happy thanksgiving!

BLOG   Gan (K) Week of November 15

Morah Cara

This week the Gan class learned about the Jewish concept of Shalom Bayit, or peace in the home. This is the Jewish value of keeping your home and those who live in it peaceful and happy. We did a project on who lives in our homes and the activities that we like to do together. Along with this, we discussed various scenarios that could be a source of conflict in our homes, such as a sibling taking a toy. We talked about the best ways to resolve these conflicts and what we could do in these situations. The kids learned the song Oseh Shalom, and they loved getting to sing! We also learned our next letter of the Alephbet, the letter Dalet. 

BLOG- Gan (K) Week of November 8

Morah Cara

This past Sunday the Gan class learned about the concept of Ometz Lev, meaning "courage of the heart." We discussed what it means to be a brave and strong person and learned about how there are more types of strength than just physical. After our discussion, we did an activity where the students were given materials such as paper, popsicle sticks, and straws, and each got to design and create their own strong bridge. They had a ton of fun and I was amazed at how creative they all are! We learned our next letter of the AlephBet, Gimel, and ended the day with a dance party! 

BLOG-Gan (K) Week of November 1

Morah Cara

This week the Gan class learned all about Shabbat! We discussed why we celebrate Shabbat each week, and the importance of taking time to relax! We read the book "The Shabbat Box," and the kids each drew what they would want to put in their own Shabbat box to help them celebrate each week. We learned some songs and the blessingThis week the Gan class learned all about Shabbat! We discussed why we celebrate Shabbat each week, and the importance of taking time to relax! We read the book "The Shabbat Box," and the kids each drew what they would want to put in their own Shabbat box to help them celebrate each week. We learned some songs and the prayer over lighting Shabbat candles. Lastly, the kids were introduced to the Hebrew letter bet! They are such a great group, and we had so much fun! 

BLOG-Gan (K) Week of October 25

Morah Cara

Gan had a great and busy class this week! We started off with learning about the creation story, where each student got to decorate a paper plate with a specific day of the creation story, which we put together to make a chain for decoration in the classroom! The students also learned about Tzedakah and how we can help people who are less fortunate than us. Each students had he chance to decorate and take home their own Tzedakah box. The students were also introduced to the aleph-bet, and learned their first letter, aleph!  Thanks, Cara

BLOG-Gan (K)

Morah Cara

Hi! Gan had a great first day of class! We played games to get to know each other and learned about Simchat Torah. We read about what the Torah is and why it is so important to us as Jewish people, and talked about what the holiday of Simchat Torah is all about. To finish out the lesson the kids had the opportunity to decorate their own Simchat Torah flags, and we had a parade with our flags around the school!  Thanks, Cara

Tue, April 13 2021 1 Iyyar 5781